bride and groom together in maryland woods
couple jumping off boat at sunset in deep creek lake maryland
bride and groom smiling big after getting married in northern virginia
couple standing in field under blue sky in deep creek lake maryland
bride with fearless tattoo looking at bridesmaids
creative wedding day portrait at night

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Wedding & Portrait Photography


Welcome to my little nook of the worldwide web.

Here you'll find images from all the beautiful and unique weddings and elopements that I have been asked to photograph.

Did you just get engaged and are looking for a creative wedding photographer? Congratulations! And please consider me; I’d be honored to work with you.

Are you just wanting to plan an adventure to capture your unique relationship between you and your partner? Yessssssss!

Did you just stumble upon this website while eating eating a giant spoonful of peanut butter? Cool. We should be friends.

Regardless of what brought you here, I’m thankful that you’ve come to hang out. My photography highlights lots of real, candid, inclusive wedding moments, artistic portraits, and fun humans in love so grab your yummiest of beverages and scroll below to see more of what I offer through my lens.

you + the right location (+ a little trust in me) = photo magic!

I'm a creative wedding photographer based in Maryland and Deep Creek Lake, but I want to adventure to the location that screams YOU! I think we draw energy from our surroundings and with my goal to capture the authentic, unique you, it's important that we're in a location that fits your vibe, whether that's a place you've loved visiting for years, a place that you never been (because you love new places!), or a place that visually makes your heart happy. Once we have the awesome location, we can capture the awesome YOU.

“I can’t even begin to explain how amazing Kirsten is! I mean ABOVE and BEYOND!! Of all our vendors Kirsten was the best! She stayed in contact with us throughout the whole wedding planning process. She even helped with things that did not involve photography. I’m so so happy we found her.”


“Kirsten was born to be a photographer. She has that eye to see things that the average person doesn’t. And to top it off she makes you feel like an old friend! She automatically bonds with you and is so genuine. Just an incredible human!”