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What is a “You do You” Wedding?

A You do You wedding is where YOU DO exactly what YOU truly want to do on your wedding. Forget the traditions (unless there is a tradition that truly speaks to your heart) and create a unique wedding celebration that is going to have your soul singing all day long! 

Why I love “You do You” Weddings

More and more, couples are creating a day that truly reflects their own vibe. I’ve photographed weddings in campgrounds, in apple orchards, in state parks, at rental houses on a lake, even in old growth pine forests. Some had a best friend or a brother officiating while some had no officiant at all. A few had cupcakes, many had cookie tables (thank you, Pittsburgh brides!), one had an ice cream sundae bar. The receptions went late into the night with a mix of DJs and bands, but one included contra dancing! Bonfires set the night off with the dreamiest vibe (one even started a fire rubbing sticks together during the ceremony!). Some twirled at sunset, some kissed in the rain, some trudged through snowy forests (one stood on a frozen lake!), all for the perfect creative wedding portrait. All of them were beautiful and honest and a joy to photograph. 
Here are a few pictures from my favorite non-traditional moments:
A Blind meet-up in lieu of a first look:
bride and groom holding hands with backs against a door as unique twist on a first look
This bride and groom wanted to have a moment together before the wedding but didn’t want to see each other.. so they held hands and shared a few nervous giggles between a door.

Unique ceremony events that include your guests: 
ring bearers walking dog down the aisle at backyard wedding
Including your fur-babies in your wedding ceremony!

bridesmaid walking with cat down the aisle at backyard wedding


wedding guests laying sticks in campfire circle
Guests arrived to camp circle ceremony site and placed sticks in fire pit where the bride and groom then started a fire as part of their unique, non-officiated ceremony.

bride and groom rubbing sticks together to build fire during wedding ceremony


wedding guests throwing confetti as bride and groom exit wooded outdoor ceremony site
Weddings guests threw eco-friendly confetti at bride and groom as they exited their joyous ceremony in the woods.

Making sure your portraits truly represent you your vibe: 
bride and groom posing for portrait with their cat and dog
Having fur-babies in your wedding portraits
bride and groom walking barefoot in the rain
Embracing the weather and loving it.. which means you can walk barefoot in the rain together
bride dress and snow boots and black cloak keep her warm in the snow
Wearing the right attire so you can get outdoor portraits in the snowy forest..

bride and groom on a frozen lake
.. or on a frozen lake!

groom twirls bride with pink sunset in the background
Sneaking away from your reception to enjoy the sunset together..
Wedding guests gather in field for picture at sunset
Or having all of your guests crowd onto the lawn for a big group picture!
Making your reception one to remember:

groom swings at wedding cake piñata with guests watching in background
Having a wedding cake piñata instead of a wedding cake! (Above photos courtesy of my second shooter Krista Stoltzfus)

Bride and groom eat nachos for the food truck at their wedding reception
Having a food truck cater so anyone can eat whenever they want to..

wedding guests participate in contra-dancing and run down line formed by everyone
Including contra-dancing or any other unique dances that get everyone involved!

guests play limbo at wedding reception
Getting a game of limbo out on the dance floor

Bride and groom pose for portrait amid guests holding sparklers
Finishing off the night with a sparkler exit! (Okay maybe not so unique anymore but certainly a fun moment to share with everyone!)


What awesomely unique “you do you” wedding events have you seen?! What did you like or dislike about them? Let me know in the comments!